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Learn What to Expect in Online Nail Technician Courses.

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Have you ever wished you could make your nails look like the celebrities? It may be easier than you think! Nail technician courses and classes are available online and offer students the opportunity to learn nail care for personal or professional use, such as earning certificate or degrees. Students learn to perform services, including manicures, pedicures, sculpted and artificial nail application and more.

Nail technician courses and classes are offered at many trade schools and colleges. Learning aspects of the nail technician courses involve actual hands-on experience, so some nail courses may require lab or studio work as part of the curriculum. Topics in nail technician courses include upkeep and repair of artificial nails, cleaning, conditioning and shaping of nails, hand and foot care, application and customer relations.

Most nail courses and classes are part of certificate or degree programs. Students enrolled in nail technician courses can earn a nail care technician certificate or expand their education by pursuing an associate’s degree in cosmetology. As a nail technician, students are required to earn a state license. Career opportunities include employment in salons, health club spas, beauty shops, day spas, hotel and resort spas or private practice.

Online nail technician courses and classes are delivered via the Internet, so students need a computer with Internet access and an e-mail address for correspondence. Students are often issued an e-mail address with the school. Lessons and coursework are often delivered through web discussion, DVD/CD, lecture or streaming audio and video files.

Courses may also be offered through Blackboard, a web-based learning system that allows for interaction with students and instructors. Students may be required to log onto the course site at specified times for class discussions, assignments or tests.

List of Online Nail Technicians Courses

Body Systems and Diseases Course

Much of the coursework covers the physiology and history of nails, hair and skin by demonstrating the role that tissue, cells and organs play in forming body systems. Students will learn about different nail, hair and skin disorders and will be able to determine which are treatable and which need the care of a physician.

Preclinical Introduction Course

Cosmetology students will gain an introduction to nail technology, skin care and cosmetology. Students learn the importance of practicing sanitation and safety, understanding state regulations and laws and displaying professionalism on the job.

Clinic Introduction – Nails Course

This course helps students develop the practical skills required to perform basic nail care. Students learn about manicure, pedicures, application of artificial, sculpted or acrylic nails, cleaning and basic nail conditioning. This course helps students develop the skills necessary for obtaining a cosmetology license.

Nail Tech Theory Course

Students in this course complete the apprenticeship required to prepare for state license as a registered nail technician. Students learn the theory and principles of nail care and typically use this course as part of their on-the-job training with a licenses employer. Upon completion, students are ready to sit for the state board examination.

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