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Nail Technician Courses

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As the temperature drops, exposure to dry air and other elements means fragility in skin cells and it makes person’s nails easily prone to breakage. With an increasing craze for getting a fingernail art and ever changing trends by trendsetter celebrities from intricate nail colour to graphic patterns, though look creative but take a toll on one’s paws.

Having nicer looking crooks is a must if one wants to appear well-groomed. For all these reasons, more and more people are hiring the services of professional art designers to groom their clapper-claws well.

Becoming a nail tech is a prosperous and fun career option, and all that you need to get started to earn is education to get your licence. A proper education not just help you explore the technical side of grooming claws but also develops your artistic front.

Aspirants having keen interest in designing hooks can build up great income source as full or part time with a nail technician course from some reputed institution.

About the course and its scope

Starting earning your income by pursuing a creative hobby of designing nails along with experimenting new graphics and exploring an exciting world of colours and glitters, is now simpler with our course content.

You can now give a frame to your dream picture of crafting beautiful art on nails along with earning handsome money for this passion. Working in a nail-bar, beauty salon, or a department store or running your own business as a technician, the scope for course is beyond boundaries.

What will be included in the course content?

As a technician, you will be holding an extensive job description. Initially, you will be given false nails to design on and practice their extensions. The course will cover following topics in detail-

  • Anatomy of nail and physiology of skin
  • Process to be followed for nail extensions
  • Ways to deal and communicate with client, thereby developing interpersonal skills
  • Discussions and training about maintaining good health and overall wellbeing of client’s hands and feet
  • Basic designing and adding graphics to nails in addition to knowledge regarding the latest trends in nail art
  • Necessary procedures to carry out manicure and pedicure of the client in addition to various kinds of massage therapies
  • Knowledge regarding different products available in market, their use and compatibility with different skin types

Reasons to enroll with us

There are a number of reasons to convince you getting enrolled with us. Being acknowledged amongst outshining competitors of the industry, our institution has highly experienced Nail Technicians faculties who are highly qualified in this field.

By sharing knowledge with you through lectures, presentations and seminars and discussing remarkable case studies, we ought to help you learn better.

The classes are merely not confined to teaching you about the acrylic and gel nail designs but furthermore extended to making cordial relationships with clients to assist you in increasing clientele network.

Support from us-

We seek to support you through an unlimited access to your own personal tutor who will ensure that you receive constructive feedback’s time to time. Your queries will be resolved timely at your preferred communication mode being phone, e-mail or fax.

We are well-equipped with continual assessment strategies so that you are monitored well throughout the duration of course.

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Nail Technician Course

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