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Nail Technician Schools in Chicago

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Continuing our series on major urban areas, in this article, we look at nail technician schools in Chicago. We initially attempt give a perspective of Chicago’s beauty services industry by analyzing the factors that shape its course. We also look at the licensure requirements for nail technicians in the state of Illinois of which the city forms a part. Finally, we look at the accredited nail technician schools in Chicago, one by one.

Chicago, the third largest city in the US, offers excellent career prospects in the beauty industry. Nail technicians will find this an excellent place to work. The Illinois State Board of Cosmetology issues licenses to all trades in the beauty/cosmetology services industry. For nail technicians, the required hours of schooling is 350.

Nail technician license in Chicago

The Board conducts an examination comprising written and practical tests to assess the knowledge and skills of the applicants and their suitability to perform the various nail technicians services such as manicuring, pedicuring, nail decoration, artificial nail fixing etc. All applicants should be at least sixteen years of age. They should have a minimum eighth grade education. Applicants without a high school diploma or its equivalent must first take an Ability to Benefit test.
Reciprocity arrangements for licensure do exist with many states which have similar requirements and this helps nail technicians holding license in other states to obtain a license in Illinois by just paying the prescribed fee.

Further details can be had from:

Illinois State Board of Cosmetology
Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation
320W. Washington St., 3rd Fl.
Springfield, IL 62786

Nail technician schools in Chicago

Nail Technician Schools In Chicago

Nail Technician School Locations in Chicago

We now look at the educational institutions offering approved nail technician training in Chicago. The list below has schools that conduct nail tech programs in conformity with the Board requirements. Prospective students can get all the information they want by directly contacting the schools.

1. La’ James International College, East Moline

LJIC is a reputed cosmetology school that strives to stay ahead of its peers by employing innovative training methods. Students here get to visit salons and schools in other cities like New York as well as a foreign city. The school also offers an advanced training program in nail technology which qualifies the successful trainees to be part of the ‘Creative Nail Design Elite Team’.

2. The Salon Professional Academy, Elgin

The nail technology program at TSPA is exhaustive in its content and teaches the students to successfully manage a business in addition to being skilled nail technicians. The school offers placement support to the graduates.

3. Educators of Beauty, La Salle & Sterling

Educators of Beauty is a Pivot Point member school. The school employs the latest technological tools for training. The teachers here are annually trained to keep them abreast of the latest happenings in their field. Educators of Beauty has two more campuses in Illinois – Rockford and Sterling.

4. Roza’s School of Nail Technology

The nail technician course at Roza’s typically lasts 3 to 4 months for 350 hours of training. Students are, however, allowed to work at their own pace and keep their own schedule. The school provides a review course towards graduation to help prepare students for their state examination.

5. Botanic School of Nail Technology, North Lincoln Avenue

The Botanic School is exclusively dedicated to nail technology training. The school works from Monday through Friday, 11.00 am to 8.00 pm.

6. University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts, Springfield

This school offers both full time and part time programs in nail technology both comprising 350 hours of training. The school has partnered with to offer accredited continuing education packages for license renewal.


You now know the basic licensing requirements for becoming a nail technician in Illinois of which Chicago is a part. The above schools offer accredited training programs in nail technology. While we have taken care to provide as accurate information as possible, some errors may have inadvertently crept in or some facts may have changed with the passage of time. Prospective students of nail technology in Chicago are advised to check with individual schools for the latest information on their facilities and training programs and select an appropriate school.

A quick option to find a nail technician school near you is to use our extensive database of nail technician schools. Use the search-box on this page to find approved nail technician schools in Chicago or any other location in the United States. You also have the added advantage of being able to be contacted by the schools you’re interested in by filling out a short form.


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