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Nail Technician Schools in Georgia

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The state of Georgia in southeastern United States is home to 9,687,653 people as per the census of 2010. Owing to its royal traditions, Georgia is also known as the Empire State of the South. The state has a well-developed beauty services industry and the many salons and spas that spread across the state are generally known for their high service standards.

Licensure requirements for nail technicians in Georgia

As far as licensure requirements go, the Georgia Board of Cosmetology has set out the following requirements for applicants for nail technician licenses.

1. The applicant should have completed a program in nail technology from a school licensed by the Board to offer the program and have thereupon completed a minimum of eight months and 1050 hours of apprenticeship in under a licensed nail technician. Apprenticeship should be done after obtaining an apprenticeship license from the Board.

2. The applicant should pass the examination conducted by the Board to assess the knowledge and skills of the applicant.

3. An applicant holding a valid nail technician license issued from another state is eligible for exemption from appearing for the exam if the eligibility requirements of the issuing state are similar or better than those of Georgia.

Nail tech schools in Georgia

Map of Georgia

Map of Georgia

There are a good number of schools offering nail technician programs across the state of Georgia.

1. International School of Skin and Nail Care, Atlanta

2. Atlanta Beauty Academy, Atlanta

3. Robert’s School of Nail Technology, Atlanta

4. Esani Beauty School (The Esani Institute), Atlanta

5. Georgia Career Institute, Conyers

6. Genesis Career College of Dalton, Dalton

7. Georgia Beauty School, Norcross

8. Virginia College, Augusta/Macon

What to look for in a nail technician course?

If you are considering to enroll for a nail technician program in Georgia (or for that matter any state), you should first make sure that your program is approved by the Board. This will ensure that you will be eligible for the state nail technician license post your course completion. The next thing to consider will be the placement history of the school. A good placement record suggests quality education and also improves your chances of getting a good opening after you graduate. Many of you may want to find out how much it costs to do the course. Many schools help students cover the costs through participation in financial assistance programs run by the government as well as arranging for student loans.

In conclusion, Georgia is as good a place as any other to start your nail technician career. There are several schools offering nail technician courses in the State. You should evaluate the various schools on parameters such as Board approval, placement history, program costs etc. and choose an appropriate school to get started on your path to become a nail technician.

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