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Nail Technician Schools in Houston

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Looking for a nail technology school in Houston, TX? This note gives a brief overview of Houston in the broad context of its beauty industry, the licensure requirements to become a nail technician and the schools offering nail technician or manicuring programs here.

The Houston of the 1970′s was a land of opulence and opportunity. Thanks to the oil boom, its petrochemical industry spurred the growth of the region’s economy. This culminated in the national recession starting 1982 that left the Houston economy in tatters. Since 1985, Houston has been on the path of recovery led by high technology and services industries. Houston is now the nation’s fourth largest metropolitan area and is home to over four million people. Houston fortunes are on the rise again and the future appears bright.

Houston has a flourishing beauty services industry and has under its wings a large network of professionals offering cosmetology, nail technician, esthetics and allied services. These professionals get their training from the many educational insitutions in the city or elsewhere in Texas.

Licensing Requirements

How to become a nail technician in Houston? First and foremost you need to obtain a manicurist license issued by the government to operate as a nail technician or manicurist here. The Texas Government Department of Licensing and Regulation is the agency in charge of issuing nail technician licenses in the state. To apply for a manicurist (nail technician) license you should be seventeen years of age or older, have a formal education at least up to seventh grade and completed 600 hours of training in the subject in an approved school. The Department conducts an examination that assesses the knowledge and skills of the applicants. The examination is conducted in English, Spanish and Vietnamese languages. If you hold a valid license from another state where the requirements current at the time of issuing the license are similar or more stringent, you are exempt from appearing for the examination. In such a case, you need to apply for the license in the prescribed form with the application fee.

The license is issued for a period of two years and for renewal you need to have completed eight hours of continuing education training in the intervening period. More details about nail technician licensing can be got from:

Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulation

920 Colorado, PO Box 12157
Austin, Texas 78701

Schools offering nail technology training in Houston

nail technician schools in houston

Nail Technician Schools, Houston, TX

You now have a fair idea of what it takes to become a nail technician in Houston and the rest of Texas. Let’s now take a look at the training opportunities in nail technology available in the city. While looking for a nail technician school, you should, first and foremost ensure that its program is licensed by the Department so you are eligible for appearing for the licensing examination.

Prospective students of nail technology in Houston have the following options to pursue training in the subject. The list includes only licensed schools and is not claimed to be exhaustive. Rather, these are the major nail technician schools in Houston.

1. ICC School of Cosmetology

This school offers a six hundred hours manicuring program covering all the topics required to pass the state licensing examination.

2. Houston Training Schools

Operating from five locations this school has the advantage of having its own salons where students are given real world practical exposure.

3. Royal Beauty Careers

The school offers both day (20 weeks) and evening programs (34 weeks) in manicuring. Total hours of training remains at 600 hours in both the cases.

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