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Nail Technician Schools in Idaho

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The mountain state of Idaho in Northwestern United States is also known by the nickname Gem State as almost every known gem has been found here. The 2010 US Census put the population of the state at 1,567,582. The state’s beauty services industry is still evolving and as such, training facilities are not as good as in many other states yet, but industry observers are of the view that this is bound to change soon.

Nail technician licensing in Idaho

A license from the Idaho State Board of Cosmetology is required to operate as a nail technician (manicurist) in Idaho. The Board issues the license to applicants who are successful in an examination conducted by it. To be eligible to apply for a nail technician license, the applicant should have completed 400 hours of training in nail technology from a licensed school and thereupon completed 800 hours of apprenticeship. Additionally, the applicant should be at least 16½ years of age, of good moral character and have completed two years of high school or its equivalent. If the applicant holds a valid license from another state where the licensure requirements are at least equal to those of Idaho, and has three years of experience immediately prior to applying, he or she is eligible to get a direct license from the Board.

The license is issued for a maximum period of one year and falls due on the birth date of the applicant. No continuing education requirements are specified for license renewal. For more information, here is the contact information of the Board.


The Idaho flag

Idaho State Board of Cosmetology

1109 Main St. #220
Boise, Idaho 83702-5642

Schools offering nail technology training in Idaho

If you’re looking for a career as a nail technician in Idaho state, you are required to complete a training program in nail technology in conformity with the state cosmetolgy board’s requirements. As previously indicated, training facilities are limited in Idaho at present. We have identified the following schools offering approved nail technician programs in the state.

1. School of Hairstyling, Pocatello

The conducts a nail technology course once a year. It starts on the first Tuesday of June and typically lasts three months. Total hours of training is 400 hours.

2. American Academy of Nail Technology, Post Falls

American Academy of Nail Technology offers training in nail technology and esthetics. In nail technology, it conducts both regular and continuing education classes. New batches start almost every month for the regular program.

3. Oliver Finley Academy, Boise

Oliver Finley Academy offers a rigorous 600 hours nail technician program that gives you advanced training and more hands-on exposure.

4. Razzle Dazzle College of Hair Design, Nampa

This school offers training in cosmetology, nail technology and esthetics. Educator training and continuing education programs too are available. Razzle Dazzle offers a regular 400 hours training program in nail technology.


Idaho’s beauty services industry is just evolving into a major sector. Training schools in nail technology are limited at present when compared to other more developed states. Prospective students can compare the four schools, all of which offer licensed programs in the subject and select one that best fits them.

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