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Nail Technician Schools in Ohio

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In this article, part of our state-wise series. we look at nail technician schools in Ohio. In keeping with our usual method, we first place the state’s personal care services industry in perspective. This is followed by a look at the licensure requirements for nail technicians in Ohio. Finally, we look at the accredited nail technician schools in Ohio.


Ohio, the 34th largest US state by area is the also seventh most populous. According to the Census 2010, its population was 11,536,504. It is also one of the more densely populated states of the nation. Ethnically, 82.8% of the population were White, 11.8% Black, 2.3% Hispanic, 1.5% Asian, and 0.2% Native American. Additionally about 1.3% of the population was of mixed ethnicity.

Ohio is at ranked seventh in terms of Gross State Product (GSP) among the US states. Ohio was ranked fourth in the country for best business climate for the year 2009 by Site Selection magazine. The magazine also conferred three consecutive Governor’s Cup awards on Ohio for its outstanding business growth and development.

Ohio thus has all the favorable conditions for a thriving market for personal care services. According to the Occupational Employment Statistics for May 2010 published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Ohio had 1480 working nail technicians. They earned a mean annual hourly and annual wage of $10.70 and $22,260 respectively. It is widely believed that the demand for trained nail technicians in the state will increase in keeping with the broader changes in the economy and society.

Nail technician license in Ohio

While the practice of nail technology is regulated in Ohio, the training requirements are rather modest when compared to many other states. The Board of Cosmetology is vested with the responsibility of issuing all trade licenses in personal care services. The Board also approves training programs in cosmetology and nail technology. To apply for a nail technician license, you should have completed a training program of at least 200 hours in one of the approved nail technician schools in Ohio. The license is issued to those who are successful at an examination conducted by the Board to assess the candidates’ theoretical and practical knowledge. More details about licensure can be had from:

Board of Cosmetology

3700 S. High St. #101
Columbus, Ohio 43207
Phone: (614) 466-3834

Nail technician schools in Ohio

There are several nail technician schools or trade schools offering nail technician programs in Ohio. While they typically offer 200-hour programs to prepare the students for the state licensure examination, some schools offer 300-hour programs too. The latter give the students a more thorough grounding in the theory and practice of nail technology and make them more competent in the occupation.

While selecting a program, students should ensure that it has the approval of the Cosmetology Board so they become eligible for appearing for the licensure examination. The following are the accredited nail technician schools in Ohio at the time of writing this article. Prospective students can, alternatively, find all nail technician schools near them by entering the zip code in the search box on this page. You then have the option of letting the schools contact you with all the information you need. Hundreds of students annually use our free service to locate their schools and embark on rewarding careers.

Nail technician schools in Ohio

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