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Schools For Nail Technician Training: How To Choose The Right One?

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So you want to be a nail technician and are on the lookout for a training school. Or you are considering nail technology as one of the several career training options. This article will give you a run-down on nail technician training schools and the process of selecting a school that fits you.

There are several career colleges across the country offering nail technician courses. However, not all schools may suit you for a variety of reasons. These can mainly be location, eligibility requirements, course content, training duration, tuition fee, availability of finance and placement support. While some of these reasons are dependent on the individual, others are not so. It is therefore important that you make sure that the school you finally decide to join is the right one.


While many states now require that nail technicians should be high school graduates, some still require and eighth-grade or tenth-grade education. If you are in high school and are interested in joining for a nail technician program, consider taking health and anatomy classes. This will give you sound basis for understanding nail types and conditions. You should also hone your speaking and writing skills by taking communication classes. This will help you in effectively communicating with the public and thus be more effective in your profession.


Nail technician training involves basic beauty knowledge, identifying nail types, cleaning the nails using appropriate chemicals and tools, shaping them by filing and buffing, manicure and pedicure. For example, reputed schools such as the ones affiliated to Pivot Point International teach:

-Sanitation and aseptic control procedures
-Diseases and disorders of the nail
-Anatomy (of the nails, hands, and feet)
-Nail styling and artificial nail techniques
-Spa manicures and pedicures
-State law
-Advertising and sales, and
-People skills

As can be seen, the training covers all the areas required for the student not just to become a nail technician but to manage it as a business as well. Typically nail technician courses require between 100 to 500 hours of training, but requirements vary widely between states. Make sure that the school you choose to attend will let you meet the educational requirements of the state you hope to work in. On completion of the course work, the student must pass an examination that usually includes a written test and a practical examination.

Finding a school

We have the largest database of schools offering nail technician training across the United States. Using the search box on this page, you can find all the schools offering nail tech training in your required area. Request information one or preferably more schools as you see fit. You can get all the information for free very quickly.

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