Top Nail Technician Schools In the US

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If a person is looking to be a nail technician, it is often difficult to find a concise and consolidated list of appropriate institutions to consider attending. There are a variety of options available in the US for nail technicians, including online versus in-class courses, a number of different course lengths, and concentrations based on the artistic side or the physiological and somewhat medical side of working with nails. It is important that the potential student knows what kind of schedule they would be able to commit to, as well as what their ultimate goal in nail design is going to be. Before we look at the best institutions for the nail technician career, it is essential to examine exactly what the employment entails.

What is a Nail Technician?

A nail technician falls under the category of a cosmetology professional. This individual specializes in the cleaning, filing, and painting of a customer’s nails. Nevertheless, a nail technician performs additional services such as nail enhancements, artificial nail application, and shellac treatment as well.

In order to begin the education of a nail technician, there are a few prerequisites an individual must meet. These requirements vary from school to school so it is recommended that the particular institution is consulted to determine exceptions or additional requirements. Typically, a student must be at least 16 years of age and holding a high school diploma (or its equivalent). Every state in the United States demands that a nail technician holds a license, but they differ from state to state. Thus, it is important that a student considers where they would like to be employed in the future before choosing an institution of higher learning. Moreover, it is essential that the institution chosen has a state-approved training program. The course for a nail technician is very multi-facetted, including both written and hands-on evaluations.

When one considers the potential compensation for a nail technician, it is good to note that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the growth in salons and spas will ensure the growth in employment of nail technicians. According to the same source, the field will grow by 19% between the years 2008 and 2018. Additionally, nail technicians who are licensed in other cosmetology services earn, on average, about $10,000 more per annum.

Top Nail Technician Schools in the US

Now that the requirements and benefits of a nail technician have been outlined, an individual considering this employment has a number of institutions to choose from, each having its own unique benefit.

Marinello Schools of Beauty

Located in Los Angeles, California. Marinello Schools of Beauty was created in 1905, making it one of the oldest cosmetology schools in the United States. Since its conception, the school has opened a great number of locations in the Los Angeles area, making it accessible to the majority of the city’s population. The program at this school has a balance between classroom learning and practicing on real customers, gaining hands-on experience. Marinello Schools of Beauty is certified under the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and thus it has all of the accreditation necessary to offer its courses. The unique thing about Marinello’s Schools is that they offer a curriculum that has a high degree of concentration on the physiological aspects of being a nail technician. Specifically, the syllabus looks at topics such as nail diseases and disorders, the anatomy of the hands and feet, and infection control. Having this background allows a nail technician to have a competitive edge over others in the same field. Additionally, Marinello Schools of Beauty offer business classes and training for the state licensing exam.

Summit Salon and Beauty School

Located in Woodland Park, Colorado. This institution is certified by a number of accrediting agencies, including NACCAS as well as the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Private Occupational School Board. What makes this place a unique location to study is the unmatched individual care a student receives. The ratio of students to teachers at Summit Salon and Beauty School is two to one!

Guy’s Shreveport Academy of Cosmetology

Located in Shreveport, Louisiana. Similar to the other institutions, Guy’s Academy holds all the necessary certification including NACCAS and the State of Louisiana Board of Cosmetology. This school offers very in-depth programs which are sure to set a student apart from the rest. Guy’s Academy of Cosmetology has a 43 week program and each week a student is expected to complete 35 hours of in-class work. Unfortunately, this school is not a good option for part-time students, as the full time program is the only one they offer. Furthermore, a student is expected to purchase all the necessary supplies, working with their own tools the entire time they are attaining their education. If an individual is looking to be licensed in the Louisiana area, this school is a great choice because it offers thorough preparation for the state licensing exam. What’s more, this school considers transfer students for their programs, making it the place to go if an individual has previously attended a cosmetology school that was not the right fit and does not want to lose the credit they have already earned.

These are just a few of the top options for nail technician schools. A few other institutions stand above the rest and are consequently worth mentioning. The Nationwide Beauty Academy located in Columbus, Ohio offers a nail technician course that is just 10 weeks long, great for the individual who wants to get started on their career as soon as possible. Finally, Beauty Schools of America in Homestead, Florida helps a graduating student find career placement.

What school can we say is the best nail technician school in the US? It is difficult to determine because it depends on the priorities of the student. The great thing about the selection of institutions offering nail technician courses is that they vary so drastically in what they can propose to the student. Some provide short courses, others longer ones. Some concentrate on design, others on the health of nails. Some are more theoretical and concentrate on licensing, and some concentrate on experience with clients. The great thing for a potential student is that no matter what they are looking for in a nail technician school, it will be available in one of the medley of top institutions in the country.