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What is Involved in Nail Training Courses.

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Nail training for serious nail technicians, or those who are new to the nail beauty field, is incredibly important for their future career success.  If you don’t get the proper nail training, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities in building your client base and retaining the clients you have.

When you get great training, you can develop skills in the nail business and skills as a nail artist that will make you more valuable in your salon, and sometimes your entire city.  If you consider yourself a real nail guru, then you should start entering nail art competitions, and really see who the top nail tech in your town is.  But first we need to find out where you can get some high quality nail training.

In any nail technician course you can expect to get some basic nail training. Some courses may teach you how to give hand and foot massage, and even how to introduce yourself to a new client, but even the most basic courses will give you some techniques. They may teach you a few different techniques like

  • how to apply gel nails,
  • how to apply acrylic nails
  • how to give a basic manicure
  • how to give a basic pedicure

You may also learn how to give a French manicure and some of the best techniques when applying nail polish, but all nail technician courses are different. Wherever it is you are taking the class you want to check with the course instructors on what training you will get and what specific license they are providing you with. Look out, because some courses won’t even teach you how to give a proper pedicure.

One thing any technician needs to know is how to use their equipment. Whether you are a medical technician, an optical technician or a nail technician, you have to be able to pick up the right end of your new tool. You will have to learn about

  • scissors, nail cutters, and nail clippers
  • nail files, emery boards, and foot and pedicure files
  • nail shining files and nail buffers
  • top coat polish
  • primer nail polish

So far that is just the basic equipment. If you are planning on doing acrylics and looking at other types of fake nails you have a lot more nail equipment to learn about, but its all actually really fun.

Nail Anatomy, Physiology, Sanitation, and Hygiene
Depending on where you are planning on being licensed, you may or may not have to know the anatomy and physiology of the nail. Your courses will include information such as

  • the structure of the nail
  • nail pathologies and fungi
  • artificial nail anatomy
  • sanitation
  • sterilization
  • bacteriology

So, along with learning about the nail bed, the nail plate, the cuticle and the lunula, you’ll also learn about how to treat different problems with the nails, how to sanitize your work station and your tools, and how to dispose of waste.

As a nail technician you will be entering a large and growing field. If you like learning about new tools and techniques in nail art, you will always have that option. If you want to learn more about how to do natural nails, there are also classes that specialize in that too. Whatever your into though, there will always be more to learn.

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